Making Life Extraordinary Part 2

The second portion of the summit was a site visit to Telecom Malaysia.  We were transferred from Mandarin Oriental KL to TM’s office via tour bus.  It felt like we were having a high school field trip.  We even had an entertaining tour guide explaining the history, culture and places of Malaysia.

Cyberjaya – Telecom Malaysia

Cyberjaya Telekom Malaysia


We arrived at Cyberjaya, which is like their economic zone where all the big companies are building their headquarters.  We were greeted by their friendly engineers and advised us not to take pictures inside.  Their vice president of operation gave us a short presentation on their ongoing project regarding their implementation of NGN (Next Generation Network) including IMS.  Then they showed us their NOC (Network Operations Center).   Looking through the viewing deck on the second floor, the room looks like the Philippine Stock Exchange with a giant video wall in front, where they can monitor their entire network.  I was very impressed.  Then they brought us to their innovation center, where they showcased their IPTV service.  It is a triple play service called HyppTV, which consists of Broadband, Voice and TV.  I hope we can also offer this kind of service in the near future.

With this experience, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about new technologies, and was exposed to what is happening today in the world of telecommunications.  I will be bringing this back home as inputs to our plans, and hopefully be able to realize it in our country as well.  This gave me a great sense of fulfillment and gratitude that I can be a part of making this evolution happen.  It just reminded me of why I became a telecoms engineer in the first place.  After working so hard, it is just refreshing to feel that sense of purpose and in knowing that I’m doing this not just for myself but for something bigger than me.  Being able to see the change it brings to people.  Making Filipinos proud that our country could be competitive globally in the telecoms industry.

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Making Life Extraordinary Part 1

I really like Smart’s newest commercial.  Minus all of the big stars and gimmicks. Just stripped down and straight to the point.  It conveys what technology can bring to make our lives extraordinary.  From the usual voice and text services.  And now to internet and social networking.  It just changed the way we live our lives.  But it is only the beginning.  With technology advancing so fast, we need to keep up and adapt to this changes.  In order to do this, we should continuously learn and be vigilant on what’s happening around.  I was given the opportunity to take part of this convention in Malayasia.  In line with our vision, the summit’s theme  is  “Broadband Redefined Through Smart Transformation”, and I was so excited to embark in this new experience.

Broadband Transformation Summit 2011

Two from our team were so privileged to represent Smart in this summit.  We talked about dressing smart casual with long sleeves and slacks, and we were surprised seeing most of the attendees on coat and tie.  Lesson learned!!!  It was attended by operators from all around the world, and were so honored to experience this global arena.

The summit started by allowing several representatives from different operators to share their insights regarding market trends, as well as future technologies and services that someday will take over.  It made me visualize scenes from futuristic movies like “Minority Report” or “The Fifth Element”, thinking it is possible.  Imagine a future household, having all of the appliance from the kitchen fridge up to the home entertainment system, all automatic, configurable and personalized to each of our desires and needs.  This would require new technologies and faster broadband connectivity, which is the challenge for all operators to prepare and enable their networks to support such services.  This lead to the discussion of how operators should start preparing to transform their existing infrastructure to adapt and future proof their network.  They discussed technology stuff like IMS (IP Multimedia Subystem), FTTH (Fiber To The Home), VoBB (Voice over Broadband) and all that. And on the other function room, were exhibits and demos of showing these technologies working in real life.  It was pretty cool!

Here’s a Malaysian news article about the event.

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Red Eye Syndrome

Last Sunday (8th of May) was indeed a fun day, because I got the opportunity of going to Malaysia for the first time.  I was chosen to attend the Broadband Transformation Summit.  But I would be writing about this in another post.  Right now, I want to focus on my other purpose, which is to learn how to have the “Red Eye Syndrome”.

During the same teaching last resoul, our pastor was talking about how far behind our country have fallen.  During the time of the early 90’s, the Philippines was considered as one of the most progressive countries in Asia.  All our South East Asian neighbors are really looking up to us, and are even going to our country to study.  But that image was far gone.  This posted a question, Why do you think that the once most progressive country in Asia, has stopped progressing?

The answer that was given to us was, Filipinos don’t have the “Red/Sore Eye Syndrome”.  It is seeing things that needs to be fixed/improved, and seeing others’ strength as something to aspire of.   This is fitting that I got the chance to go abroad and practice my Red Eye.

It all started when I arrived in the airport (NAIA Terminal 1). It was my first time experiencing Terminal 1.  I already heard a lot of bad things about our airport, and after seeing it, no wonder it was voted as one of the worst airports in the world.

It was 5 a.m. and as our car approaches the entrance of the airport, I already saw a lot of people waiting outside that seems to be camping out because there were only limited seats available in the waiting area.  I was welcomed with the old facade of the building, which is a direct reflection of what the interior looks like.  The reception hall was filled with long queues of lines.  It took us an hour to get our boarding pass and another hour in the immigration.  Our flight via Malaysian Airlines was delayed because a lot of passengers, including us, were stuck in the immigration.  We were suppose to arrive at 11:40am, but was delayed upto 12:30pm.

Then, there we were, standing in a beautiful, clean and spacious airport of Kuala Lumpur.  After seeing this, I felt so ashamed, but at the same time amazed of how their airport looks.  We arrived at the main terminal, mistakenly took the train due to excitement going to the satellite terminal.  We saw restaurants and stores all over.  They made the architectural design modern, with a nature feel interior by placing an indoor garden.  It is not as great as Changi Airport but it is way better than ours.

Our ride going to our hotel, gave me my first glimpse of Kuala Lumpur.  Considering that Malaysia has a similar history as with that of the Philippines, being colonized by the British and have just recently gained independence on 1956, I was just surprised how they were able to retain their culture and at the same time continued their progress.  What happened to us?

Having this experience and seeing things with a pair of red eyes, I felt the competitive side of me.  The part that doesn’t want to lose and always wants to win.  I think this is something that is missing from all of us.  We Filipinos have become contented and complacent.  We already stopped competing  and aspiring to become the best. We should not be contented with mediocrity, but should have the drive for excellence.  I’m still full of hope that someday the Philippines will regain its former glory.  It is now really up to us.


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Memoirs: Life’s Monuments and Memorials

It has been years since I decided to create a wordpress blog account, but only now was I able to post my very first entry.  Why?

Before, I don’t even know what to say or write about.  All I know is I want to have my own blog.  Then last Wednesday, I was so inspired by the teachings in our midweek service.  It was all about Memorials.  What is a memorial?  As per Wikipedia, “It is an object which serves as a focus for memory of something, usually a person or an event”.   But it also has two different meanings, in view of an insider and an outsider.

For an insider, it is used to remind them of their first hand experiences, and also the great things that they were able to gain and learn from that event, which may have an impact on the present.  While for an outsider, it is something to get their attention, to make them ask questions, which in turn would lead them to discover the wonders of its history.  Leaving a legacy that would inspire future generations to continue with their own missions.

I was personally challenged to do something.  Given with the opportunities that God has opened up to me, I am thankful and excited to be able to serve and contribute to God’s master plan.  As what the sermon is saying, we need to build memorials, to remind us of all our learnings.  And also to inspire others to make a difference.  I’m creating this blog as a memorial and monument of my memoirs, in the hopes of making a difference in this world.

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